We remain committed to the continuous improvement of services and products in accordance with environmental policies.

Quality and commitment

We hold ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, EMAS environmental management and audit, and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certifications.

Also, commitment to transparency is one of our foundations, which is why we make our Environmental Declaration and Integrated Management Policy public.

The Laboratory is accredited as a Calibration Laboratory by ENAC with file number LC175/10.124, in the areas of Flow and Chemistry in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 standard. 

Certificates and accreditations

ISO 9001 Certification

Since 2003. Registration number ES 15/17619

ISO 14001 Certification

Since 1999. Registration number ES 15/17620

ISO 45001 Certification

Since 2015. Registration number ES 15/17837

EMAS Certification

Since 2000. Registration number E-CAT-000040

ENAC Accreditation

for the Calibration Laboratory since 2007. Accreditation number 175/LC 10.124

Service Provider

In the services sector we are classified as a service provider company in:

  • Grup P, subgrup 01, categoria D

    (Serveis de manteniment i reparació d’equips i instal·lacions elèctriques i electròniques)

  • Grup V, subgrup 02, categoria A

    (Serveis de desenvolupament i manteniment de programes d’ordinador)

We comply with 2002/96/CE and 2003/108/CE Directives and Spanish Royal Decree no 110/2015 on electrical and electronic equipment and waste management through creating and complying with an Individual WEEE Management System.

This regulation is applicable to electrical or electronic devices marketed as of February 20, 2015. To ensure the collection and treatment of equipment, we use duly authorized waste managers and logistics suppliers.

For any equipment manufactured or distributed by MCV that is within the scope of Spanish Royal Decree 110/2015, you can contact us to proceed with its treatment.