Rainwater sampler

Two cylindrical collecting recipients, open alternately, collect atmospheric depositions, respectively in the absence and in the presence of precipitation. The position of the mobile cover is determined by a “presence of precipitation” sensor and an electronic microprocessor associated with it. In the presence of precipitation, the sensor is adequately heated to accelerate the evaporation of the surface wet deposit, so that it is not activated by simple dew phenomena and to quickly recognize the end of the atmospheric precipitation episode. The automatic positioning of the cover above the two collection containers is obtained by means of a geared motor that can be activated through the steering electronics. All models are manufactured of anti-corrosive material and have a fully automatic operation, manual interventions are limited to the operations of deposit sampling and periodic maintenance.

Technical features

· Power supply: 230VAC + 12VDC /6.5 Ah internal battery
· Operating temperature -60 to +60 °C
· Container with 660cm2 opening
· Dimensions 143x135x90 cm
· Weight 25 Kg


· Device that allows collecting solid atmospheric depositions, both dry and wet, and leaves them available for subsequent analysis in the laboratory.
· Acid rain risk assessment studies in ecosystems where forests, crop areas and natural water reservoirs are exposed (lagoons, rivers...)

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