Network management

We carry out the management of meteorological variables and air quality monitoring and control networks.

Comprehensive network management service

Location Studies

Conducting location studies for new stations.

Installation or relocation

Installation and supply of new equipment or transfer to new locations.

Monthly and annual reports

Data exploitation, validation and preparation of monthly and annual exploitation reports.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive and corrective maintenance of manual and automatic equipment.

Calibration and Sample Collection

Sending manual equipment samples to the analysis laboratory.

Technical advice

Technical advice and network optimization.

Constant technical monitoring

Networks require daily technical monitoring. That is why we plan the interventions and prepare periodic reports. We can manage the entire network or a part of it according to the needs of each client. 

  • Daily monitoring

  • Partial or total management

  • Operating systems integration

  • Custom applications

Thanks to the development and software team, we integrate any operating system on the market or develop customized and specific applications in order to acquire, manage, validate, and control the information from each network. 


We immediately detect incidents to be able to give a quick response and consequently making the networks have a very high level of data. Our departments give support on a recurring basis. 

  • Recurring support

  • Customized service

  • Intercomparison exercises

  • Congresses and workshops

Efficient operation of each network

In order to ensure an efficient and up-to-date solution for each network, we regularly attend talks, conferences, congresses, and workshops in the field of networks. In addition, we participate in team intercomparison exercises with reference centers such as the Carlos III Health Institute, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

We installed and managed more than 300 stations in collaboration with administrations and private companies

Other services

We develop engineering projects, network management, and technical support. We have a laboratory for calibration and technological development