Technical Support

Maintenance, repair, verification, and calibration of measuring instruments in company facilities or in our laboratory.

Technical support services

Air or Water Quality Measuring Networks

Design and installation of air and water quality measuring networks.

Fixed or Mobile Stations

Design and installation of fixed or mobile stations.

Weather Radars

Design and installation of weather radars.

Measuring Instruments

Maintenance, repair, verification, and calibration of measuring instruments.

Weather Towers

Design and complete installation of meteorological towers.

Data Acquisition Systems

Design and installation of data acquisition systems.

Comprehensive customized management

We have a highly qualified team and facilities with advanced material to offer a comprehensive and personalized service. The leading team is specialized to be able to respond to any unforeseen event that could arise.

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We have developed a constant personalized training so that each project incorporates the latest updates and innovations. The training is carried out through advisory sessions or specific courses, and focuses on improving the use, handling, calibration of measuring instruments and equipment, quality assurance, and occupational safety.

The Calibration Laboratory accredited by ENAC gives support to the technical support service through calibrations in the areas of flow and gas concentration. It also includes 20 standards with traceability to national and international standards that allow calibrating the working standards that technicians use in preventive and corrective maintenance tasks of equipment and instrumentation.

Working materials of our own

For maintenance tasks we use our own working materials. The materials include a case of precision tools for electronic and mechanical work and a set of measuring instruments.

For field visits, we use our own vehicle suitable for the transport of goods and a set of specific and generic materials to perform interventions on different equipment of the networks.

In addition, we own laptops or tablets with 3G/4G/5G connection to carry out tasks and reports made in situ. We have an extensive up-to-date digital library with all manuals, general and technical documentation for the teams to consult.

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Specialized mobile workshop

For maintenance on field, we work with a vehicle equipped with all the necessary material to carry out any repairs on site. This mobile workshop allows carrying out corrective and preventive tasks in the field that should normally be attended to in the facilities. 

Thanks to the mobile workshop, we can greatly reduce the time of resolution of incidents and improve the maintenance service on networks. 

We have carried out a total of 2,000 technical support services for organizations, institutions, entities, companies, and industries

Other services

We develop engineering projects, offer network management, and provide technical support. We have a calibration laboratory and technological development department.