Technological Development

We create products, devices, and systems for specific needs through expertise and innovation.

Innovation for new technological designs

Customized Equipment and Civil Works

Comprehensive designs for each specific case.

Management Systems

Development of management, control, and monitoring systems.

Energy Solutions

We have a constantly updating department.

Specialized department

The changing needs of the sector require new models and systems adapted and designed for specific requests. That is why we have a department that is mainly responsible for technological development.

  • Solucions a mida​

  • Acompanyament​

We accompany projects throughout the whole process: We are directly connected, we do our own manufacturing, and we check and validate the operation in order to guarantee the success of the project. 

We installed and managed more than 300 stations in collaboration with the administrations and private companies

Other services

We develop engineering projects, offer network management, and provide technical support. We have a calibration laboratory and technological development department.