We prepare customized functional proposals regarding parameterization of a network or a set of measurement points.

Advisory services for network installation

Definition of needs

We define the needs of each project.

Instrumentation selection

We select the measuring instrumentation.

Site visits and follow-up

We do controls on site and prepare reports.

Customized action proposal

The definition and parameterization of a network or a set of measurement points is a complex task that requires extensive knowledge of instrumentation and implementation of systems. Therefore, we offer a complete guiding and an action proposal according to the needs of the project.

  • Needs study

  • Measurement instrumentation

  • Project monitoring

  • Implementation of systems

  • Rutines de treball

  • Elaboration of reports

We follow the work process of definition of needs, selection of measuring instruments, site visits and follow-up, definition and implementation of necessary communication systems, and elaboration of work routines and reports. 


By means of theadvisory services for technological projects and the resolution of incidents, we have been able to be part of pioneering projects such as the start-up and installation of the  Spanish Antarctic Station, fabrication of multiple mobile measuring stations or the installation of more than 300 meteorological variables and air quality measuring stations throughout Spain, or the design and installation of the four radars of the   Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC)

When working, we start with the creation of the project, go on to the maintenance of and advising on the control networks until we successfully complete the goals of each client.

  • Creation of the project

  • Maintenance

  • Control advice

  • Completion of objectives

We installed and managed more than 300 stations in collaboration with administrations and private companies

Other services

We develop engineering projects, network management, and technical support. We have a laboratory for calibration and technological development