Continuous Particle Monitor

The GRIMM EDM 180 is the leading system for measuring particle concentration (PM10, PM2.5) in ambient air. This system offers simultaneous PM measurements in 31 channels with a particle size resolution of 0.1 μg/m3, and an isothermal inlet with Nafion membrane. Silent equipment that requires low maintenance and can be validated on site using the field test kit in conjunction with the system diagnostic software.

Technical features

· Real-time measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TC and particle number distribution
· Fully automatic monitoring system with remote control and access
· Extremely energy efficient, low maintenance and no consumables
· Detection principle of light scattering at single particles
· Selectable storage Intervals of time resolution: 6 s; 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 min
· Sample air flow rate 1.2 L/min, ±3%constant due to self-regulation
· Sampling inlet Isothermal humidity extraction via membrane
· Nafion, sensor-controlled, without loss of semi-volatile compounds (SVC)
· Particle size range 0.25 - 32 μm
· 31 channels
· Particle number 0 - 3 000 000 p/L
· Reproducibility > 97% of the total measuring range
· Weight 18kg, without rack adapter and sampling pipe.


· PM Monitoring Solution
· In rural and urban environmental networks
· Epidemiological studies
· Monitoring of PM in construction and mines

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