Low volume sampler for sampling a filter

Medium volume sampler for determining the mass concentration of PM10 or PM2.5 of the suspended particulate matter, with sample collection on filter and determination in the laboratory. Consists of a suction set with paddle vacuum pump, suction head, filtration system and electronic system control. Mounted on a weatherproof polyester-fiberglass case and aluminum support frame, which allows fixing to the ground. Operation, measurement and regulation of the flow controlled by microprocessor and mass flow measurement. Automatic regulation and constant maintenance of the programmed flow rate, with automatic compensation of load loss due to filter clogging or network fluctuations. Continuous measurement of air temperature, sample temperature and atmospheric pressure. Communication interface with the user through a 240 x 128 p LCD screen and keyboard. Internal memory for data storage, accessible by RS232/USB. Filter holder for filters of 47 mm Ø. Filter easily changed by means of filter holder. Electromechanical closure system for filter holder valves with filter position detector. Forced ventilation and heating system. Particle head for PM10 or PM2.5 built according to the specifications of EN 12341:2014, with thermal insulation of the connection tube and optional air sleeve.

Technical features

• Flow: nominal 2.3 m3/h. (real).
• Regulatory margin: less than 5% of the nominal value.
• Average flow rate of period: deviation less than 2% of the nominal value.
• Display of operating parameters.
• Sampling parameters and period programming.
• Real time clock with an error of less than 1 minute/month.
• Calibration parameters.
• Measurement of ambient temperature, filter temperature and atmospheric pressure.
• Help program for the maintenance and detection of faults and leakage test.
• Electronic control by microprocessor.
• Filter holder made of polyoxymethylene plastic (POM) and stainless steel filter support grid, for 47 mm Ø filters.
• Head for PM10 or PM2.5. Anodized finish.
• Help program for the calibration of temperature and pressure sensors.
• RS232/USB communication channel.
• Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz. Consumption 150 VA max.
• Dimensions: 580 x 580 x 320 mm (without head). Weight: 27 Kg.
• Frame/support dimensions: 500 x 750 x 470 mm. Weight: 8 Kg.


• Suspended particle collection PM10 or PM2,5
• Installation and operation in urban and background air quality networks
• Follow-up and operation in industrial plants
• Follow-up of constructions by inspection bodies
• Study and follow-up of atmospheric episodes of industrial air quality, Saharan dust intrusions, mist episodes or pollination
• Scientific research campaigns on particulate matter
• Aerobiological studies


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