High-volume sampler for sampling a filter

High volume sampler for determining suspended particles in emission, with sample collection on filter and gravimetric determination in the laboratory Collection system consisting of a suction assembly with centrifugal pump and electronic control circuitry of the system mounted in a polyester-fiberglass case suitable for working outdoors, with equipment support frame. Operation, measurement and regulation of the flow controlled by microprocessor. Automatic regulation of the programmed flow rate, with automatic compensation of load loss due to filter clogging or network fluctuations. Suction flow normalization for pressure and temperature correction. Communication interface with the user through a 240 x 128 p LCD screen and keyboard.

Technical features

• Flow: adjustable from 20 to 80 m3/h
• Display of operating parameters
• Programming of sample parameters, periods and sequences
• Real-time clock
• Calibration parameters
• Equipment calibration
• Normalization conditions setting
• Mass or volumetric reading selection
• Help program for maintenance and fault detection
• Electronic control by microprocessor
• RS232 and USB communication channel
• Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
• 7.5A thermal protection
• Consumption 1000 W max. (500 W in normal rate)
• Dimensions: 900 x 580 x 600 mm. Weight: 20 Kg. (No filter holders)
• Brushless motor
• Complies with the specifications for High Volume Samplers of the UNE-EN 12341 and UNE-EN 14907 Standards


• Suspended particle collection: PM10, PM2,5, PM1 or TSP
• Installation and operation in urban and background air quality networks
• Follow-up and operation in industrial plants
• Follow-up of constructions by inspection bodies
• Study and follow-up of atmospheric episodes of industrial air quality, Saharan dust intrusions, mist episodes or pollination.
• Scientific research campaigns
• Aerobiological studies



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