Rainwater sampler

Precipitation collector make MCV, model CL-002 to collect rainwater for its chemical analysis. Equipment housed in a reinforced cabinet, suitable for working outdoors and where the different measurement and control elements of are located. This cabinet is thermally insulated to prevent extreme temperatures from damaging the equipment or the sample. Automatic opening and closing system of the lid connected to the precipitation detector sensor. Once the rain is detected, the opening mechanism is activated, leaving the collecting funnel uncovered for the duration of the precipitation, automatically closing again at the end of the precipitation in order to avoid contamination during the dry period. The collector has a sample conservation system. In winter there is a heating system to prevent freezing, and in summer, a ventilation system to prevent overheating. The system allows the extraction of the sample tank once the collection period has ended

Technical features

• Precipitation detector
• Automatic lid opening and closing system
• Electronic control of the system
• 25 cm diameter, stainless teflonated funnel
• Teflon sample conduction tube
• 10 litres plastic recollection tank
• Heating and ventilation system
• Sample height: 130 cm
• Collector dimensions: 500 x 400 x 1200mm
• Weight: 30 Kg
• Power supply: 230V/50Hz
• Includes battery for correct operation in the absence of power supply
• Maximum consumption: 125W in winter


Device that allows the collection and storage of rain samples

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