Cabin for remote station

Cabin for the installation of air pollution monitoring equipment.Built according to customer needs and designed for a fixed location.

Technical features

· Built with anti-corrosive materials for outdoor installation
· Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam of 40 Kg/m3 density
· Transmission coefficient of 0.025 w/m°K
· Divided into two compartments: work area and service area
· Security locks and doors
· Anchor lugs for transport
· Customized external corporate image
· Dimensions suitable for each need and equipped with the following services:
· Indoor climate control with digital temperature control
· Installation of calibration gases
· Electrical panel
· Support for gas bottles
· Complete electrical installation
· Fire-fighting system
· Gas suction head
· Emergency lighting
· Racks for equipment
· Auxiliary furniture
· Alarm circuit


· Cabins for remote monitoring of atmospheric and climatic parameters, air quality assessment and data collection that allow to know the structure and physical and chemical composition of the atmosphere.
· Installation in state, autonomous or local atmospheric control networks.

We manufacture, maintain, and repair environmental instrumentation equipment

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Manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of environmental instrumentation equipment.