Mobile units

Vehicle adapted to accommodate air pollution and meteorological monitoring equipment. Fully equipped mobile unit for air pollution monitoring and prevention field work. Vehicle design and adaptation according to the needs of the client and equipped with everything necessary to accommodate all the necessary control equipment and complementary material to ensure a good functioning and result of the project.

Technical features

· Mobile vehicle with special bodywork and dimensions adjusted to the needs of the customer, interior insulation and air conditioning
· Equipped with automatic probes and analyzers to measure pollutants in the air.
· Design and equipment marked by the client, can include
· Calibration system
· Data acquisition and processing and transmission system.
· Weather station with telescopic mast
· Intrusion alarms
· Service, living, work compartments...
· Explosive, toxic and flammable atmosphere detectors
· Walk-through roof with folding perimeter safety rail


· Mobile unit ideal for short or medium field work for air pollution control and measurement carried out in different points of a territory.

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