Small volume sampler for weekly sampling

Equipment for the collection of SO2 and fumes in emission suitable for 8 sampling periods. Collector system consisting of 8 bubblers with inner tube. Flow regulation of 0.1-2 l/min by means of a mass flow regulator. Display and easy programming. Automatic flow compensation. Possibility of sampling by real or normalized flow rate. It has internal forced ventilation and heating and communication capacity by RS232.

Technical features

Flow regulation from 0.1 to 2 l/m
Display of the programmed flow, current flow, total accumulated volume per jar, sampling time and programmed sampling time and average temperature and pressure of the sampling of each jar.
Mounted in weatherproof polyester case
Weight 27 Kg


Collection of SO2 or NO2 and fumes in emission.
Ambient air measurement in locations with coal combustion or fossil fuels presence.
Metallurgy, and environments with vehicles or machinery that burn fuels with a high sulfur content.

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