Dynamic calibration system

Multipoint and multiparameter dynamic calibration system that allows the generation of calibration gas patterns from high concentration bottles, by zero air dilution or Nitrogen. Ozone generator with built-in photometer for measuring the ozone generated, with correction for pressure and temperature. Titration of gas phase NO to NO2 that allows calibrating NO2 analyzers from NO bottle.

Technical features

· Dilution ratio up to 5000:1 and calibration gas outlet flow rates from 0.2 lpm to 10 lpm.
· Pneumatic circuit that has:
· 4 entries for gas bottles.
· 1 zero air/nitrogen intake.
· 4 calibration gas exits.
· 1 vent outlet.
· Gas intakes support simple gases, composites or mixtures
· All internal pipes, solenoid valves, fittings, chambers, etc., are made of stainless steel, glass or teflon, suitable for corrosive gases.
· Flow regulation for high precision mass flow controllers, ±1% f.e.
· Extensive calibration program managed by a powerful microprocessor.
· Allows dilution ramp and calibration sequence programming, supporting up to a maximum of 16 programs and 4 sequences, being able to execute 8 different programs in each sequence.
· Manual operation in locale mode, automatic pre-programmed and automatic by remote control or by RS-232 operation (remote commands).
· Easy programming by interactive menu presented on display and operated by 4 keys.
· RS-232 channel.
· Remote control connector for command input and command/status output.
· Programmable remote control channel assignment.
· 19"rack mount unit
· Weight 28 Kg


· Multipoint and multiparameter calibration system used for the calibration of automatic atmospheric pollutant analyzers.
· Fundamental devices in measuring and control techniques to regulate, adjust and verify installations that have control instrumentation

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