Gas intake head

The gas suction head consists of a 1.7 m vertical stainless steel tube. Head with stainless frusto-conical cap to protect from rain and solar radiation. Stainless steel fine grating to prevent invertebrates and coarse particles from entering. Inside the intake head there is a Teflon ring with 9 holes/inlets for the correct fastening of each sample tube of the analyzers. This system allows a direct input from the outside the cabin to the corresponding analyzer, thus simplifying the maintenance of the suction system. The sampling assembly stagnated on the roof/ceiling of the cabin has a protection system with a watertight flange to prevent the entry of water or leaks. The height of the sampling will be adjustable.

Technical features

· Inert materials in all elements of the set in order to avoid interference in the reading of the equipment.
· Adaptable height according to need in cabins and/or air quality measuring stations.
· Protective mesh to prevent dust and invertebrate intrusion.
· Vertical watertight bushing flange for correct fastening of the system and maximum security to prevent any kind of leaks.
· Minimal maintenance due to direct intake of analyzers on individual lines.
· Flow/pressure control in the analyzer itself. This option allows you to avoid redundant controls and additional maintenance of electrical/mechanical systems.
· Set with air exhaust system sampled on the outside of the cabin


Air sampling system for distributing it to ambient air analyzer equipment located inside cabins or cabinets.

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