Gas suction head

Air sampling system for analysis, forced circulation by means of a turbine. Composed of a 1.7m vertical stainless steel tube. On the upper part it carries a cap to protect from the rain and a grid to prevent the insects from entering. At the bottom it holds a suction turbine that ensures the complete renewal of the air in 3 seconds. It has a ring with 6 connectors for the suction lines of the analyzers. At the outlet/discharge of the head a flexible tube is connected to conduct the surplus air to the outside, with the help of a second turbine to which the outlet/discharge tubes of the analyzers are also connected. It incorporates an alarm device to signal the malfunction of the suction turbine.

Technical features

· Composed of a vertical stainless steel tube 1.7m long and 40mm outside Ø
· Inert materials in all elements of the set in order to avoid interference in the reading of the equipment.
· Adaptable height according to need in cabins and/or air quality measuring stations.
· Protective mesh to prevent dust and invertebrate intrusion.
· Minimal maintenance due to direct intake of analyzers on individual lines.
· Set with air exhaust system sampled on the outside of the cabin


· Air sampling system for distributing it to ambient air analyzer equipment located inside cabins or cabinets.

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