Sequential Volatile Organic Compound Sampler

Sample collection system in absorption tubes for post-laboratory analysis The instrument is intended for the collection of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. The collection is carried out by means of tubes with chemical absorbers, of daily sampling, which allow the collection. The equipment has a sequential module in order to be able to carry out several days of continuous field work. Operation, measurement and regulation of the flow controlled by microprocessor and mass flow measurement. Automatic regulation and constant maintenance of the programmed flow rate, with automatic compensation of load loss due to filter clogging or network fluctuations. Communication interface with the user through a 240 x 128 p LCD screen and keyboard.

Technical features

• Flow regulation of 0-2 l/min by mass flow regulator
• Optionally 0-100 ml/min, 0-200 ml/min, 0-500 ml/min and 0-1 l/min
• On the display, Indication of: programmed flow, current flow, total accumulated volume and sample time and programmed sample time
• Easy programming via 4 keys: Flow, sample time and start time
• Automatic flow compensation
• Remote control output that allows remote and/or programmed activation. (optional)
• Supports 6 x 70 mm and 8 x 110 mm collection tubes
• There is a CPV-COV-S version that incorporates a module, mounted in a 19"" 3 u rack, which allows sequential sampling of up to 8 additional tubes


• Sampling and follow-up of the emission of combustion of wood, coal, gasoline, etc.
• Sampling and follow-up of industrial emissions from petrochemical, plastics and paint industries
• Study and follow-up of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• Investigation and detection of emissions of volatile organic compounds to ambient air

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