Zero air generator

Zero air generation system for calibration. Designed to provide clean air to perform calibrations, dilutions, mixtures and control work in environmental analyzers. Prepared for using in the entire range of automatic atmospheric pollutant analyzers and providing clean air for the combustion of FID analyzers.

Technical features

· Consists of two separate and interconnected modules:
· Compressor and reserve tank
· Purifier module for removing contaminants
· Characteristics are:
· NO and NOX content: less than 1 ppb.
· SO2 content: less than 1 ppb.
· H2S content: less than 1 ppb.
· O3 content: less than 1 ppb.
· CO content: less than 0.1 ppm.
· Methane and hydrocarbon content: less than 0.1 ppm.
· Water vapour is removed by compression and vapour filter. The dew point is slightly below 0°C.
· The compressor unit automatically stops upon reaching the maximum regulated pressure.
· The generator provides up to 10 bpm of clean air, at an adjustable output pressure up to 30 PSI, on a constant and continuous basis.
· The compressor is mounted on shock-absorbing and anti-vibration supports, above the air reserve cylinder. Special fixations are planned for the whole set.
· The contaminant removal module is mounted in a rack box of 19"", 4u. and carries pressure, flow, operation and connection indicators of the catalytic furnaces.
· Weight: 24kg compressor and 24kg purifier


· It is a source of dry and clean air for calibrators, purge air for permeation tube ovens or air for FID analyzers.
· Can be used in various gas analysis applications of origin, zero and combustion gas for hydrocarbon and total analyzers and like dilution or calibration gas for gas detectors.

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